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Christine Doolittle

Christine Doolittle

Dear Emerson Families,


Welcome to the Emerson Family for the 2018-2019 school year! We are so excited to have students back in our building as we launch our new school year and events.


Many factors make Emerson successful but the support from our families is certainly one of those features. We are grateful for any level of support you are able to offer our school. This support can range from volunteer time at school events or from home; attending PTA meetings, participating in special activities, or assistance in many other opportunities.  


Please sign up for the parent/guardian Emerson Google Group.  Make sure you provide the name of your child and their teacher.

  1. Go to!forum/emerson-elementary-school and click on “Apply for Membership”.
  2. Send an email request to


On the Emerson’s website, the calendar is under “Building Events”.  Click on “view interactive calendar” to see additional school events.  You can find our School Supply List, District Handbook and the 2018-2019 calendar by clicking on Links/Forms/Downloads.  


We are looking forward to a great year!


Christine Doolittle

Emerson Principal


Office Contacts:

Christine Doolittle, Principal,

Kathy Long, Secretary, 

Norma Hadden, Clerk,

Attendance Line, 614-797-7093


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