Westerville North Warriors Make Good on Faith Pruden’s Hope to Never be Forgotten

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The week before Spring Break, students at Westerville North High School participated in a Spirit Week to raise money for Pediatric Cancer Awareness in memory of Faith Pruden, a Westerville student who passed away in 2010, at the age of six, from brain cancer.  Before she died, she asked her teachers to make sure she was “never forgotten.”  The Westerville community, the Westerville City School District, and teachers like Mary Taylor and Lisa Dapoz rallied to her cause and helped Faith enjoy her remaining months – including attending North’s Prom and meeting Taylor Swift!  In the years since, many have kept their promise to Faith, and she certainly has not been forgotten.

In 2017, history teacher Dr. Ben Hartnell was approached by student Trent McFarland and his mother, Nancy, about helping with a fundraiser for Faith at North.  Together, they came up with a “Principal for a Day” Challenge and “Faith’s Spirit Week.”  It was such a success that it has become a staple for the Warriors and is held the week before Spring Break!  In just three years, Westerville North has raised a total of $3,037.75 for the Friends of Faith Pruden Foundation.

During Advisory, at lunch, and throughout each day during this week, students bring in change to place in one of five jars, each of which is labeled with the names of five staff members who might replace Kurt Yancey as principal.  Yancey, in turn, takes on the teaching duties of the educator who has the most money in her/his jar.  In its inaugural year, science teacher Kyle Campbell took over administrative duties while Yancey rolled up his sleeves and taught Campbell’s Zoology classes out at the Land Lab (and, thankfully, did not lose any students in the lake).  Last year, Head Custodian John Edwards traded places with Yancey, who dawned a customized Westerville City Schools custodial shirt while pushing around a trash can during the lunch periods.  This year, Spanish teacher Beth Henman was victorious, and the school eagerly awaits hearing Yancey try to speak Spanish!  The “Big Switch” for 2019 is planned for early May.

Different themes every day were on tap during “Faith’s Spirit Week,” which included “#squadgoals”, “Dynamic Duo”, and “Awkward Family Photo.”