District Athletics Program

Anne Baldwin
Executive Director, Secondary Schools


Sally Raymond, Secretary
(614) 797-5888

The District Athletic Program, under the direction of the Office of Secondary Schools, is responsible for athletic programs at the middle schools and high schools.

The Westerville Central, North and South High School Athletic Programs offer varsity sports including cheerleading to the student-athletes in our schools. These student- athletes also have the opportunity to participate in various club sports. Additionally, Blendon, Genoa, Heritage and Walnut Springs Middle Schools offer select sports for both seventh and eighth grade student-athletes within Westerville City Schools. The Athletic Programs at our middle and high schools serve as an extension of the school curriculum where participants develop many skills and qualities essential for future success. The quest for excellence through competition, teamwork, leadership, victory, handling defeat and discipline are strong foundations that the Westerville City School District hopes each person will carry with them in developing a successful life.


Individual Building Athletic Programs
High School Middle School

Andy Ey, Athletic Director
E-mail: eya@wcsoh.org
Athletic Office: (614) 797-6802

Wesley Elifritz, Athletic Director
E-mail: elifritw@wcsoh.org
Athletic Office: (614) 797-6241

Jeff Good, Athletic Director
E-mail: gooda@wcsoh.org
Athletic Office: (614) 797-6004

Kenny Farrow, Athletic Director (Fall/Winter)
E-mail:  akennyfarrow@gmail.com

TD Denney, Athletic Director
E-mail: denneyt@wcsoh.org  

Matt Uher, Athletic Director
E-mail: uherm@wcsoh.org

Carmen Dobbins, Athletic Director
E-mail: dobbinsc@wcsoh.org

Walnut Springs
Sam Cross, Athletic Director
E-mail: crossp@wcsoh.org