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    10:45 a.m. - As of approximately 10:45 a.m., power has been restored at Westerville North High School. Students will continue with their day as planned. Thank you.

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    9:30 a.m. - A portion of Westerville North HS is without power. However, the school day is continuing as planned, including lunch service. Crews from the school district, City of Westerville, and other utility services are on site to review the situation and make any needed repairs. Any interior classrooms in the portion of the building without power will be relocated to areas with light. Members of our district's Academic Affairs team have been sent to the school to support instruction. We will keep families informed of any important developments.

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Office of Curriculum & Instruction


Kate Thoma 
Director, Elementary Curriculum & Instruction

Angie Goff, Secretary-Elementary

Dr. Jennifer Knapp 
Director, Secondary Curriculum & Instruction

Sally Raymond, Secretary-Secondary

The Office of Curriculum and Instruction Services oversees the Curriculum and Materials Adoption Process, which articulates, aligns, and coordinates improvement efforts in the development and implementation of the district’s curriculum. Organizationally, this department falls under the Office of Teaching & Learning. The district's Director of Elementary Curriculum & Instruction reports to the Executive Director of Elementary Schools, while the Director of Secondary Curriculum & Instruction reports to the Executive Director of Secondary Schools. 

Each Director is responsible for aligning their respective curriculum, instruction, and assessments to Ohio’s New Learning Standards; developing, selecting, and supporting standards-based curriculum across the district; implementing effective instructional and assessment strategies to meet students’ differentiated learning styles and needs; and providing staff professional development that demonstrates a commitment to educational excellence, ensuring students are prepared to contribute to the competitive and changing world in which we live. 

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Curriculum Specialists

Heather Griffith:  Elementary Mathematics & Science
Dr. Tonya Salisbury: Elementary English Language Arts & Social Studies
Michael Huler: Secondary Mathematics
Lyndsey Manzo: Secondary Science
Dr. Jill Williams: Secondary English Language Arts & Social Studies
Educational Technology Coach
The primary role of the educational technology coaches is to support teachers in building their capacity to integrate technology into lessons as required by Ohio's new learning standards.

Lane Halterman - Secondary (High Schools /AEC)
Drew FarrellSecondary (Middle Schools)
Ann Trimble - Elementary & ELC