Enrollment: Required Documentation for Enrollment



1.  Birth Certificate

  • An original birth certificate

2.  Photo Identification for Custodial Parent/Legal Guardian

3.  Verification of Residence – Two (2) proofs of residency required

  • Provided proofs must be printed paper copies (they will be scanned and returned to you)
  • Oath of Residency:  If the legal guardian / custodial parent is living with a friend or family member who is within the Westerville School District attendance boundaries, that resident must attend the enrollment meeting and provide their photo ID and their two (2) required proofs of residency.  If the Westerville resident you are living with is renting, your name (legal guardian / custodial parent) must be added to that lease

     Provide one from A and one from B:


  • Current Active* Rental/Lease Agreement with custodial parent’s name on the lease (with the option to redact only the financial information), the signature page, and the landlord's name and phone number;  OR

   *If your lease is on a month-to-month basis, bring that lease and current verification (on business letterhead), including the landlord's name and phone number

  • Current (dated within the past 30 days) Mortgage Statement with custodial parent’s name listed (with the option to redact only the financial information)OR

  • Purchase/Contract Agreement to buy property (if you will close on the sale of the property within 90 days of enrollment) (with the option to redact only the financial information);  AND


  • Current (dated within the past 30 days) Public Utility Bill, showing service address at Westerville School District residence (i.e., Gas, Water, Electric, Landline Phone, Cable, or Internet); OR

  • Current (dated within the past 30 days) Government Mailing showing Westerville School District address (i.e., child support, government assistance);

4.  Immunization Records (Click here for forms)  *Required by the State of Ohio

5.  Divorce/Custodial Documentation (if applicable) – Must be court signed and date/time stamped

  • Final Divorce Decree which may include Shared Parenting Plan, naming specific parent as residential parent for school placement; or
  • Grandparent Power of Attorney; or
  • Temporary Custody Order naming specific guardian; or
  • Military Power of Attorney)

6.  Current Individual Education Plan (IEP) / Educational Transition Report (ETR) / 504 Plan – (If this applies to your child)

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The completed form, along with required documentation, must be submitted to the Enrollment & Family Resource Center for processing. Failure to update your address within the first 30 days following your move could result in the denial of your open enrollment request and provide a delay in receiving school communications and transportation assignments.