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Last Updated: 9/3/2021 3:45 PM

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THROUGH 11:59 P.M. ON SEPTEMBER 10, 2021

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Per Board Policy 7250, for a school to be named in honor of a person, the individual has to have:

  • Made a significant contribution to the enhancement of education, in general;
  • Made a significant contribution to the enhancement of the Westerville City School District, in particular; or 
  • Made a significant contribution to the well-being of the District, community, State or nation.

Additionally, any employee of the District given this honor must be deceased or no longer employed by the District prior to the Board's selection.



There are naming traditions that have been followed for many years when choosing school names

Elementary Schools

Some elementary schools have been named for literary figures (authors, poets, etc.), such as Alcott Elementary, Mark Twain Elementary, and Robert Frost Elementary.

Some elementary schools have been named for their surrounding communities, such as Annehurst, Cherrington, and Huber Ridge.

Some elementary schools have been named for individuals with significant connections to our schools and community, such as Fouse Elementary and McVay Elementary.

Middle Schools

Historically, middle schools have been named for the township in which they are located (Blendon, Genoa), nearby geographic features (Walnut Springs). In the case of one middle school, the name was selected to honor the traditions and “Heritage” of our schools and community. 



The process to propose names for both new schools is open to the entire Westerville City School District community as it was the residents throughout our district who approved the ballot issue making these new schools possible. Both schools are located on Farview Road in the village of Minerva Park. School mascot and color suggestions will be opened later to the families and students who will attend these new schools. The Board of Education, upon reviewing names submitted for consideration, reserves the right to select the final name of each building. However, each school’s mascot and colors will be narrowed and selected by popular vote of the families and students attending each new school.