Visitor Bearing Insects Bugs Robert Frost Students

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Mark Berman helps Robert Frost students get up close and personal with a Chinese Mantis and her offspring.



Creepy crawlies that sometimes make us squirm are actually fascinating and resilient creatures who mate, build complicated homes, and have survival instincts that have kept their species alive for thousands of years.  That is what students at Robert Frost Elementary School learned on May 7 when Mark Berman from Bugman Education ( brought Big Bug Day to school, designed to help pupils understand, respect and even appreciate the incredible world in which we live, with bugs.  Youngsters got to see these creatures up close during classroom visits, and school assemblies later in the day were held which featured a live-narrated original Bug-O-Vision video presentation.  The message delivered, which covered topics including ecology, scientific observation and biology, support Ohio’s Revised Content Standards.