Student Well Being

Tami Santa
Tami Santa
Coordinator, Student Assistance Programs

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The Westerville City School District recognizes that children come to school from a variety of circumstances. District officials are committed to meeting the needs of the whole child and understand that student learning is best supported by maintaining positive relationships between family, school, and community within a safe, caring, and supportive learning environment. Such an environment is provided through partnerships with school, community safety agencies, and mental and physical health able to provide Social-Emotional Support services to students and/or refer families to numerous community agencies able to provide short- or long-term support when necessary.

School Counselors

Counselors are available in every district school and are your first point of contact should your student or family need additional support. They also are your first point of contact if you have concerns for others who may benefit from additional support. Our counselors are highly trained and will treat every situation professionally and discretely.
At the high school level, in addition to counselors, we have Student Assistance Program professionals who are trained to provide assessment, education, counseling, and referral services in order to address student issues/concerns that may negatively impact their well-being and/or academic performance.

Partnership with Concord Counseling

We enjoy a strong partnership with Concord Counseling and can help families access its various programs should they need support beyond that which our schools can provide. Specialized programs and services are available for children, teens and young adults of all ages.


If you are in crisis and need help, text "4hope" to 741741

Crisis Text Line - Text 4 Hope to 741741


  National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255  

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255


  Safe School Helpline: 1-800-418-6423 (Ext. 359)  

Safe School Helpline Logo