Integrated Pest Management

This program is part of the district's Environmental Management Plan and maintained by the Office of Business Operations.

In 2004 the Westerville City Schools District was the first district in the state of Ohio to adopt the Monroe Model of  Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. This adoption made the district the state model for school district IPM programs.

What is Integrated Pest Management
Created by Dr. Marc L. Lame, an Entomologist at Indiana University’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs, the Monroe Model of Integrated Pest Management is a program that is based on a proactive rather than reactive pest management that seeks out long-term pest solutions rather than a “quick fix.” IPM uses education, communication, natural and biological solutions, sanitation and mechanical controls, and uses pesticides as a last resort. If a pesticide is used, IPM opts for the safest pesticide to be applied in the safest manner possible. Through education and communication, IPM strives to get people to re-think their everyday habits. Addressing these habits and offering solutions also helps promote savings in utility costs and has a positive impact on indoor air quality.