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Magnet Lottery Draw Invitation Notification / Filling of Seats

With the magnet lottery draw concluded, the process for notification and the filling of seats is as follows:

  1. Invitation letters will be sent via USPS mail May 22, 2014. Due to federal privacy laws the district is not permitted to discuss student placement over the phone. 
  2. Families receiving an invitation as a result of the lottery draw must accept the invitation to the program by 4:30 p.m. on May 30, 2014, either by mail, fax (797-5701) or in person at the Early Learning Center, 936 Eastwind Drive. Failure to notify of one’s intention by 4:30 p.m. on May 30, 2014 will render the invitation to attend as a parent/guardian decline.  
  3. Following the acceptance time frame, any unfilled seats will be filled by the next student on the draw list based on home school, then the next student on the draw list based on second choice requests.

Westerville City Schools offers a limited Magnet School Program in the district. The magnet programs provide an alternative to the traditional delivery of content through the lenses of Math and Science, The Arts, and World Cultures.  Many of the traditional, neighborhood schools are exploring alternative delivery styles for students. Please contact your building principal to learn what approaches are available for your student.


Magnet Program Update

The Westerville City School District Board of Education recently has committed to restoring the elementary Magnet School Program over the next two years. Restoring the program at a smaller scale not only retains academic program options for elementary families, but also avoids the immediate need to redraw elementary attendance boundaries had the program been allowed to sunset as once proposed.

Please review the following information carefully.

Magnet Program Options

  • The Magnet Program will continue to consist of three options: Math/Science, World Cultures, and Arts.

Magnet Program Locations

  • Emerson Elementary will continue to host the World Cultures program, while Hanby Elementary will continue to host the Arts program and the Math/Science program.
    • Questions regarding the Math/Science Magnet Program or the Arts Magnet Program at Hanby please call Principal Monica Brown at 614.797.7100 or email her at
    • Questions regarding the World Cultures Magnet Program at Emerson please call Principal Monica Brown at 614.797.7080 or email her at
  • Robert Frost Elementary will no longer serve as a Math/Science program site, except for those students presently enrolled in and completing the Magnet Program at that location.

Magnet Program Restoration

  • Program enrollment presently consists of students in grades 2 through 5. Either one or two classrooms serve a particular grade’s enrollment within a particular program.
  • Magnet Program students currently in grades 2-4 will retain their seats in subsequent school years as they advance through and complete the program.
  • The final step in restoring the program will be to add first-grade seats beginning with the 2015-16 school year.
  • When Magnet Program restoration is complete one school year from now, there will be one classroom per grade, per program, for a total of 15 classrooms serving 375 Magnet Program students.

Magnet Program Applications and Lottery

  • TBD
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