e-Day Lessons & Information

eDay/Blizzard Bag Status Update: February 24, 2015

eDay Lessons/Blizzard Bags will be used to make up missed school time due to excess calamity days. A maximum of three days may be made up through this method. Should future weather events cause the cancellation of school, please note the following:

  • Only morning kindergarten students have an eDay/Blizzard Bag lesson to complete due to the two-hour school delay on February 24.
  • Morning preschool students, afternoon kindergarten students, and students in grades 1-8 would need to complete eDay/Blizzard Bag Lessons in the event of another calamity day.
    • Afternoon preschool students and high school students have one calamity day remaining and do not yet need to complete eDay or Blizzard Bag Lessons.
  • If students are instructed to complete Blizzard Bags lessons, they are responsible ONLY for work in the courses they missed during the calamity day. Students should complete only those lessons assigned by their teacher.
    • Students do not need to complete the district lessons below unless instructed to do so by their teacher.

Additional information about the use of Blizzard Bags is available below.

The Ohio Department of Education allows school districts to make lessons available online through a process commonly referred to as “blizzard bags.” Students may complete these lessons at home, on their own time, to make up missed class time due to excess calamity days. 

Pupils will have up to two weeks to finish the assigned work and turn it in for credit.  School districts may use this online learning method to make up their sixth, seventh and eighth calamity days, but no more than that. Students who do not have Internet access at home will receive the assignments in paper format when they return to classes, or they can access the lessons via district computers at their school.

Teachers may use the district-created lessons that will be accessible on the district website; post lessons on their own website; or post lessons via Schoology, the district Learning Management System. If the district exceeds its allotted calamity days teachers will be responsible for communicating to students where and how they may access their lessons.

In the event that the district needs to utilize an e-Day, lessons will appear below. Lessons will not be published until an eDay has been issuedBelow are links to the various resources that teachers may use for eDay lessons. Once again, students will be informed by their teacher of where their lessons are located. Students are responsible ONLY for work in the courses they missed during the calamity day. Students should complete only those lessons assigned by their teacher.  Please contact your student's teacher if you or your child have any questions about an activity or lesson for e-Day.

  • district website for Schoology is westerville.Schoology.com
  • district list of teacher websites can be found here.
  • district-created eDay lessons -- will appear below when necessary. Students will be able to open or download these lesson(s) if instructed to do so by their teacher. Google Chrome.
    • Morning Kindergarten
    • Afternoon Kindergarten
      • NA
    • Elementary School
      • NA 
    • Middle School
      • NA
    • High School
      • NA 

Regardless of where the teacher chooses to house his or her eDay lessons (e.g., Schoology, teacher web page or use of district-created eDay lessons), students will be responsible for returning the completed lesson(s) to their teacher as instructed.