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Adopted by Westerville City Schools for the core subject areas, Ohio’s New Learning Standards ensure that written curriculum, classroom instruction and assessments of learning all match - an alignment that research suggests makes a powerful impact on student achievement.

WCS has adopted these standards as a foundation to develop our courses of study. Additionally, we've revised our Achievement Records for Grades K - 5 to align accordingly.

Instructional materials, including textbooks and digital content, for WCS go through a curriculum adoption process. Committees review materials from various companies to determine how well they align with the standards and how well they meet the needs of our learners. Information is then presented to a Curriculum Council made up of peers which makes a recommendation to the Superintendent and the Board of Education. Components of each course of study includes the standards, instructional strategies and activities, essential questions and vocabulary, and formative and summative assessments.

Furthermore, WCS incorporates the standards into all professional development activities, which focus on understanding and implementing the written curriculum, incorporating research-based instructional strategies and resources, and assessing students to guide instruction and measure growth and achievement.