2017 Strategic Plan Update Results

Presented here are the results of our most recent community engagement process, which entailed a review and update of the Westerville City School District’s Strategic Plan. 

Our Strategic Plan consists of six Performance Objectives as identified by community members during its initial development process in 2013. Participants in this year’s update learned about progress the district has made on implementing the 2013 plan, reviewed current plan priorities and provided input leading to potential modifications to the plan. This web page offers a summary of the 2013 plan and the alignment of top themes emerging from the update process. New themes emerging from this process also are identified. We appreciate the time, energy and commitment of those residents who voluntarily participated in this activity.



Click on any image below to download a PDF file of the summary document.

Strategic Plan Poster 1   Strategic Plan Summary Poster 3   Strategic Plan Summary Poster 6   Strategic Plan Summary Poster 2   

Strategic Plan Summary Poster 4   Strategic Plan Summary Poster 5   







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