Sarah Krause Memorial Science Fund Awards “Sherlock Bones” Grant

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Julie Chance, a science teacher at Westerville North High School, has been awarded a grant in the amount of $1,066.26 from the Sarah Krause Memorial Science fund for a project called “Sherlock Bones Come to Westerville North.”

The grant was requested for the purpose of purchasing a lab activity for Anatomy and Physiology students called “Sherlock Bones.” It is a culminating activity that will be done when pupils have completed their unit on the anatomy and physiology of bones. During this activity, students will be presented with various bones from three different human samples. They will apply their knowledge about their bones unit as well as problem solving skills, forensics, and math concepts to assess skeletal indicators to identify sex, height, race and approximate age of the remains. It is a lab-based activity that will assess the aforementioned skills while students work cooperatively in groups to achieve a collaborative conclusion.

Betsy, John and Anna Krause, who oversee the Science Fund, gave Chance 89 cents more than she requested so she could download the timeless Alan Sherman song, I See Bones for inclusion in the lesson plan. “It is a wonderful parody and worth the 89 cents to share with your students,” they wrote. “If they don’t love it, they will at least groan.”

The Sarah Krause Memorial Science Grant has been established in loving memory of Sarah Krause who tragically died during her junior year at Westerville North High School. It funds projects and experiences by Westerville School District middle and high school teachers and students that excite student interest in the natural sciences. For further information, please visit