Preliminary Data Show District Will Meet Every Ohio Achievement Assessment Indicator

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Preliminary Ohio Achievement Assessment (OAA) results for Westerville City School District (WCSD) third- through eighth-grade students indicate that the district once again will meet every OAA indicator on the next state report card.

WCSD students’ performance on the 14 OAA measures this year surpassed the state minimum 75 percent passing rate by an average of 12.2 percent.

“It’s very typical across the state for school building and district passing rates to fluctuate from year to year,” said Director of Assessment and Alternative Education Services Dr. Machelle Kline. “This year we experienced significant gains in eighth-grade math and science scores, as well as fifth-grade reading scores. Other fluctuations were less dramatic.”

Kline noted that WCSD failed to meet the 2010 eighth-grade science indicator with a 74.7 percent passing rate, but this year the district is projecting an 84 percent passing rate.

“Gaining nearly 10 percent in just two years is incredible,” Kline said. “Results like this show just how hard our staff and students have been working to improve in this area.”

All students in grades 3-8 take the OAA in reading and math. Fifth-grade and eighth-grade students also take the OAA in science. District officials continue to work this summer to tabulate and verify state test results.