Dozens of children enjoyed the Maker-Space hands-on activity stations.Westerville North Teachers Receive a $2,000 Voya Unsung Heroes Award
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August 18 was Back to School Day for Westerville City Schools Students
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New Teachers Learn About Westerville Schools at Orientation Meeting
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Early Learning Center Staff Donates School Supplies to Pupils in Need
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Westerville Students Head Back to School Next Week
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Alcott Fifth Grade Students Raise $500 for Cancer Research
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Recently two fifth grade students who attend Alcott Elementary School – Kaitlyn Gardner and Lily Burky – did a research project on cancer.  These two young ladies decided they wanted to take their project a step further, so they brainstormed a way to earn money to help fund a cure for cancer.  First, they shared their research with the principal and seven different classrooms.  Kaitlyn and Lily then decided to ask the entire fifth grade of Alcott to wear bright, neon colors and bring in a dollar on May 19.  On the 19th, almost the entire fifth grade wore bright colors and brought in a dollar, or more.  Many fourth graders helped too!  At the end of the day, they had raised nearly $500 dollars to fund a cure for cancer!  The initiative shown by these young ladies is inspiring to many people, including their teacher, Mrs. Amici. 

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Westerville North Teachers Receive a $2,000 Voya Unsung Heroes Award Dozens of children enjoyed the Maker-Space hands-on activity stations.
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