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Dr. Dru Tomlin, Principal

Dru Tomlin


Good afternoon, Heritage Middle School Students and Families, 


It’s Friday, August 18, 2017, and I hope this message finds you ready to enjoy a wonderful weekend--with plenty of rest and relaxation.  On behalf of the entire Heritage MS team, I want to thank you for helping us with such a great start to the school year.  We had a wonderful start on Thursday and Friday not only because our teachers created outstanding plans, but also because you set the stage for success on the homefront!  Thank you for your support.

As you may know, we are implementing some new norms and rules for the 2017-2018 school year, and I wanted to provide a little more information about them.

  • First, earbuds and headphones. Students are not to be wearing them at anytime in the school building.  Why? It’s with safety in mind.  We need to give directions and make very important announcements (including safety drills), and we need students to be able to hear us. Therefore, earbuds and headphones must be put away.  If they are seen, they will be confiscated and students will need pick them up at the front office.
  • Second, cell phones and other electronic devices. Students can only use them during their lunch period.  They can have them in their pockets, but they must be off. Why? Once again, it’s about safety as well as paying attention.  In the hallway, we need students to pay attention to where they’re going--not looking at their phones. And in the classroom (including Study Hall), we need students to focus on teaching and learning--not checking their phones or playing music.
  • Third, backpacks. Students must put their backpacks in their lockers as soon as they arrive to school.  Why? Again, it’s about safety. When students put their backpacks on the floors in their classes, it creates a hazard because teachers and students can trip on them and get injured. Students may wear the sling-back or draw-string bags from class to class to help carry books.
  • Finally, lunch procedures.  I’m so happy that so many families are interested in our lunch procedures. There’s so much to celebrate. We can celebrate the fact that we’ve fed over 1000 students without any student missing part of their next class. We can celebrate that every student has had recess time.  How have we made this happen?  The process and practices we’ve put in place are working--and honestly, they are not very different from last year. The key elements, having students sit by SSR class and releasing them by entire rows (not table by table) has allowed us to get all students fed in a safe, efficient, positive environment. That’s the goal. If you want to discuss the specifics of the lunch procedure and share your honest concerns and ideas, please reach out to me via email, phone or face-to-face.  My door is always open.

The administrators, teachers and staff have been talking to students about these new rules and procedures from the first day, but we need your help on the home front--to reinforce and to remind.  Thank you in advance for helping us with these rules!

One final piece of information about something very special happening on Monday. A solar eclipse is supposed to happen on Monday 8/21 between 1:04-3:50pm, so it will affect our students when they leave for the day.  Please make sure your student remains safe and understands the associated risks of inappropriately viewing the eclipse. According to NASA’s eclipse website, special-purpose solar filters, such as “eclipse glasses” or hand-held solar viewers, must be used when looking directly at the uneclipsed or partially eclipsed sun. Homemade filters or ordinary sunglasses, even very dark ones, transmit too much sunlight and are not safe for direct viewing.  Please help us by sharing this information with your child.

We’re looking forward to many sunny days ahead for every Heritage Middle School Husky! Thank you again for a great start to the school year.


Dr. Tomlin


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