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Becca Yanni



Walnut Springs Students and Staff thanked all Veterans and recognized them by creating a red, white and blue tribute flag in our CFI.  Students and staff acknowledged their family members and friends on those pieces of paper that came together to form our tribute flag.


Thank you to Mr. Link a WWII veteran, who came to our CFI to tell his "GI JOE" story from his experience during WWII.  Students were thankful that a member of our Armed Services who dedicated their time for our freedoms came to share his experiences and historical references. 


Also, our soccer clubs had their very own “boot camp” training with Captain Sunday.  Captain Sunday is a member of the Army National Guard.  Each grade level soccer club enjoyed their workout during their seminar/lunch time – thank you Captain Sunday!  


Please remember as evening events will again be starting soon with basketball and wrestling, there is not an after school supervision program at Walnut.  If your student stays after school for a club or sport they should report to their advisor/coach at the expected time.  If your student is going to be a spectator at an event that starts at 5pm, they must go home and come back for the event.  Thank you for your assistance and support! 

Thank you for sharing your children with us,

Mrs. Becca Yanni







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