Westerville City Schools Material Distribution Process


Like many businesses, the Westerville City School District is constantly reviewing its procedures to increase efficiencies and go green wherever possible. Nothing requires a school district to allow businesses or organizations access to send materials home with students, but most school districts do this as a public service. We're pleased to offer this service in Westerville City Schools (WCS).

Organizations and business wishing to send materials home with students must complete the Request for Distribution of Materials online form and submit a PDF file of the flier to be reviewed. All materials should be submitted at least 15 business days prior to the desired date of distribution and/or posting to the Virtual Backpack. Please refer to the district calendar to identify any times that the district may be closed due to holidays or other breaks as this will impact the distribution schedule. Placement and posting priority may be given to those organizations whose primary purpose is to support academics, co-curricular activities and/or extra-curricular activities in the Westerville City Schools. Organizations submitting materials without the 15 business day cushion may find their request denied.

We follow an objective process to review and approve requests to distribute materials to our students and staff, or to make them available in our buildings. We're restricting the approval of paper copies that will go home with our students to items from:

No yard signs/promotional signs are permitted on district property except those promoting events sponsored by the district or directly benefiting the district, from Government entities, or as specified according to the district’s facilities rental agreement.

Organizations whose requests are approved must provide sufficient quantities of materials and deliver the materials to our schools as we do not offer a centralized distribution service for this purpose. Materials that do not come from the above-identified groups or meet requirements for paper distribution may be considered for posting through our Virtual Backpack.

Requests for material distribution will not be considered complete unless they include a final PDF file of each flier to be reviewed. The district also reserves the right to close the material distribution request process three weeks prior to the last day of school.

Thank you for your interest in our schools. We appreciate your support of this initiative to reduce the volume of paper materials sent home with students. We think this initiative will not only save some natural resources, but it will also increase the efficiencies of the human resources in our schools.


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