Office of Curriculum & Instruction

Jennifer Knapp, Director-Curriculum & Instruction
Jennifer Knapp
Director, Curriculum & Instruction


, (614) 797-5888

The Office of Curriculum and Instruction Services oversees the Curriculum and Materials Adoption Process, which articulates, aligns, and coordinates improvement efforts in the development and implementation of the district’s curriculum.

The Office is responsible for aligning curriculum, instruction, and assessments to Ohio’s New Learning Standards; developing, selecting, and supporting standards-based curriculum across the district; implementing effective instructional and assessment strategies to meet students’ differentiated learning styles and needs; and providing staff professional development that demonstrates a commitment to educational excellence, ensuring students are prepared to contribute to the competitive and changing world in which we live.  


Curriculum Specialists

Susie Smucker: Elementary Mathematics & Science
Kate Mantenieks: Elementary English Language Arts & Social Studies
Michael Huler: Secondary Mathematics
Lyndsey Manzo: Secondary Science
Dr. Jill Williams: Secondary English Language Arts & Social Studies
OPEN: Technology Integration Coordinator
Karen McManis, Secretary
(614) 797-5887
Technology Integration Coaches
The primary role of the educational technology coaches is to support teachers in building their capacity to integrate technology into lessons as required by Ohio's new learning standards.

Lane Halterman - McVay, Mark Twain, Robert Frost, Cherrington, Heritage, Walnut Springs and North HS
Drew FarrellAlcott, Fouse, Hanby, Longfellow, Emerson, Annehurst, Genoa and Central HS
Rachel Lacy - Eastwind/ELC, Pointview, Huber Ridge, Whittier, Wilder, Hawthorne, Blendon, AEC, and South HS


Curriculum & Instruction also oversees the following areas:

Media Specialists
The library media specialist has many roles and responsibilities including teacher, instructional partner, information specialist, and program administrator.
Amy Farris - Central HS
Debbie King - South HS
Elisabeth (Rauch) Baryone - North HS

Kris Konik - Heritage MS
Deanna McDaniel - Genoa MS
Jean Trimble - Walnut Springs MS
Karen Yingling - Blendon MS

Sara Benge - Alcott & Annehurst ES
Lori Boyd - Robert Frost & Wilder ES
Judith Gawelek - Huber Ridge & Whittier ES
Beth Meta - Fouse, Emerson & Longfellow ES
Monty Maceyko - Hawthorne & Hanby ES
Bethany Solich - McVay & Pointview ES
Pam Todd - Mark Twain & Cherrington ES