Frequently Asked Questions for enrolling, custody, etc.

 Q. What are magnet schools?
A. Magnet schools were created for the dual purpose of: 1) providing the school district with an opportunity to explore new approaches in curriculum, instruction and technology through a small learning environment, 2) making an attractive utilization of older school buildings located in areas with declining student enrollment. The notion of providing school choice, through a lottery system, has proven to be popular with many parents in the community.

Q. Do you accept tuition students?
A. No. The Westerville City Schools does not accept tuition students. The custodial parent must reside within the Westerville City School District in order to attend Westerville City Schools.

Q. I want my student to attend a different school next year.  What do I do?
A. You need to apply for Intra-District Open Enrollment, contact Jennifer at 797-5756 or for more information. Open enrollment applications are available at your school, the Enrollment and Family Resource Center, the Early Learning Center, or this website.

Q. I am interested in home schooling my student. What is the procedure?
A. Questions regarding home schooling should be directed to the Office of Assessment & Alternative Education Services at 797-7750.

Q. What is the purpose of early release days?
A. Early release days are days dedicated to the professional development of our teachers. The student day ends one hour earlier than normal and teachers then use that hour of time to participate in activities that strengthen their teaching skills.

Q. A student is attending the Westerville City Schools and does not reside in the district. How do I report that?
A. Contact the Enrollment and Family Resource Center at (614) 797-7700 to report these incidents. We will make every attempt to keep your call anonymous.

Q. A student who is not my biological child is coming to live with me. His/her custodial parent resides elsewhere. Can I enroll this child in the Westerville City Schools?
A. No. You would need to obtain custody/guardianship of the child and, as required by State law, proof of custody must be provided at the time of enrollment.

Q. I am the biological father of a child and wish to enroll him/her in school. Her biological mother and I were never married. What do I need to do?
A. You would need to provide proof of custody in order to enroll him/her. In the State of Ohio, if parents were never married, the mother is automatically the sole custodial parent unless the father goes to court and obtains an order of custody. [O.R.C. 3109.04.3]

Q. My child is attending Westerville City Schools. Due to financial hardships, we lost our home and are currently living on the street or in a shelter. Whom do I contact for information regarding my situation?
A. Contact Karen Gabay at 797-7700 or for more information and assistance.

Q. I learned of a potentially dangerous situation in a Westerville Schools’ building. How do I report this without revealing my identity?
A. You can call our Safe School Hotline at 1-800-4-1-voice (1-800-418-6423) ext. 359. Your call is completely anonymous. You will be asked to call back in 3 school days and will receive a report of action.

Q. My child has been expelled from another school district. If we moved to the Westerville School District, would my child be able to attend school?
A. No. Westerville City Schools honors all suspensions and expulsions from other school districts.

Q. My child has been expelled from a Westerville City School. Can we transfer to another Westerville City School?
A. No. Once a student is expelled from a Westerville City School, the expulsion applies to the entire district. Once the expulsion is fulfilled, the student must be re-enrolled at the Enrollment Center.

Q. I have a motion for custody. Can I enroll my child with this motion?
A. We cannot accept motions to enroll a student in school; however, please contact the Enrollment and Family Resource Center at (614) 797-7700 for further information and assistance.

Q. I have a court order/judgment entry giving me custody of a child. However, it is not signed by a judge. Is this acceptable?
A. No. We need a court order signed by a judge/magistrate in order to be acceptable.

Q. A relative/friend gave me a notarized letter giving me custody of her child. Is that acceptable as proof of custody?
A. No. We cannot accept notarized statements. You must have a court order.

Q. My ex and I have shared parenting. We live in two different school districts. Can my student attend either district?
A. That depends on the agreed entry. The child must attend school in the district of the residential parent.

Q. I am divorced and the children live with me. I am the sole custodial parent. I do not want the non-custodial parent to have access to their records. Is this acceptable?
A. No. According to the law, a non-custodial parent has the same rights as a custodial parent. Therefore, the non-custodial parent has a right to access student records. The only exception to this is if you have a protection order or restraining order which would not allow access by the other parent. If you have such an order and wish for us to honor your requests, the school MUST have a copy of the order. Otherwise, we cannot deny the non-custodial rights to a student's records.

Q: I have moved in with a friend/relative and do not have proof of residency. How can I enroll my child in school?
At the time of enrollment, parents are required to provide two (2) proofs of residency. However, we do understand there are situations that may require a family to move in with another family/relative. In these situations, you may complete a Residency Affidavit. This will require the homeowner to provide us with their photo ID and two proofs of their residency. This will grant you thirty (30) days to provide us with two current proofs of residency at that address OR if you should establish your own residence, you would immediately provide the Enrollment and Family Resource Center with two proofs of the new address and complete a Change of Address form, which can be found on the main enrolling page.