Finalists for the Voices of Hope poetry slam perform Saturday

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Seven students from Westerville Central and Westerville North high schools have been named finalists for the Voices of Hope poetry slam 9 p.m. Saturday.

The students, who will perform their poems that reflect hope, include:

  • Cori Bohan, sophomore at WNHS, “Dear World, There Is Hope”

  • Alyssa Boyd, junior at WCHS, “Start Small”

  • Aliyah Giles, senior at WNHS, “We're In This Together”

  • Sage Hyde, freshman at WNHS, “Hope is Serenity in a World of Fire”

  • Zoe McCallum, sophomore at WNHS, “What is Hope?”

  • Glory Oguntuyi, freshman at WNHS, “A Song of Hope”

  • Jeffrey Siefker, sophomore at WNHS, “The Specter of Hope”

Two winners will get to meet with Josh Dun, drummer of the Grammy award-winning duo Twenty One Pilots. 

The event, which is sponsored by the WEC, the Arts Council of Westerville and Secret Midnight Press, will be hosted by authors and poets, Ashley Dun and Jesse Cale. Watch the poetry slam here.