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WVA enrollment for grades K-12 will soon reopen for the second semester of the 2020-21 school year.

Children not enrolled in the Westerville Virtual Academy will receive their remote learning according to the district's 2020-21 PreK-12 Remote Learning Plan.

WVA OFFICE HOURS: Secondary (Grades 6-12)

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About Westerville Virtual Academy

As a district, we are aware that the COVID-19 pandemic may prompt some families to seek an alternative educational system. At the direction of the Westerville City School District Board of Education, we launched the WVA as a fully remote learning option for parents and students. 

How it works

The academy features online learning platforms where students access and complete their courses, instead of working virtually on a frequent basis directly with a classroom teacher. Westerville teachers will remotely provide oversight in monitoring student progress, be available to answer questions, and grade student assessments.

As part of the academy, participating students will:

  • remain assigned to their home school of attendance for record-keeping and reporting purposes.
  • have the opportunity to opt-in for food services with meals distributed at designated locations.
  • be able to participate in extracurricular activities at their home school.  
  • earn a grade based on the completion and mastery of the content throughout the academic year. Progress grades will be communicated at the regularly scheduled grading periods.

Attendance in an online school is as important as attendance in a traditional classroom. In order to be “in attendance,” a student must make adequate weekly progress. Just logging in is not enough. Students do not need to log-in at exact times every day.  It is recommended that students and parents mutually develop a regular time of day for school work completion. Weekly progress checks will be provided to the parent and participating student. 

Teacher Assignments

The district strives to assign teachers from their respective home school of attendance (including magnet schools) for WVA participants and to create a strong connection between home and school when students must be taught by a teacher from a school other than their home school.

Support Services for Students

In addition to Westerville teachers, school counselors and related service support staff (i.e. Gifted and English Language Learner facilitators/staff) from a student’s school will continue to provide guidance and direct support as needed. 

For students on IEPs, Intervention Specialists, related service staff, and case managers will work with them in order to provide specially designed instruction, as well as accommodations and modifications based on students' individual needs as determined by the IEP.  Students on 504s will be provided with accommodations and modifications in all school settings by all staff to support their progress in the general education curriculum.

Food Services

Any parent who would like their child to receive breakfast/lunch from the district MUST complete the required opt-in form.  Please read all of the important details about meal pickups and complete the required form by clicking here.

School Supply Materials

Elementary - Besides students needing a Chromebook or comparable device, the district continues to provide specific instructional materials.  All instructional materials are currently available for pick-up at the student's current school of attendance.

Middle School/High School - Besides students needing a Chromebook or comparable device, school supplies are minimal. Paper, pencils, and a calculator (note there is an online graphing calculator that many students find helpful - Desmos)

Parent Information Sessions

Watch this page for details regarding future information sessions for second semester WVA enrollment.


Should parents/students have WVA-related questions or need clarification, continue to email WVA@WCSOH.ORG.