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Karisa Dennis
Director, HR & Food Services

Food Service Office, 614-797-5993
936 Eastwind Dr.

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ALL STUDENTS WILL EAT FREE for the 2021-2022!

The United States Department of Agriculture has extended free meal benefits to all students through the end of the 2021-22 school year. That means breakfast and lunch school meals available to students to eat at school will be free for the entire school year. The "Meal Deal" is required to qualify for free meals. All individual items, Al a Carte, and additional entrees will have an additional fee. 

Breakfast Meal Deal consists of a grain and up to 2 choices of fruit
Lunch Meal Deal consists of a protein/grain (main course), choice of up to 2 veggies and/or a fruit. 1% milk is included with all meals. 

Lunch Applications for the 2021-22 School Year are not required to qualify for free school lunches. However there are several District and External Benefits that you may qualify for by filling out the lunch application.To begin the application process, please visit Once you have agreed to the terms and conditions, select OH for Ohio and then choose Westerville City Schools. 

Refunds of Lunch Money: If you are moving out of the district, or if you have a student who has graduated, you may request a refund of any monies left in their lunch account.  Please complete the Refund/Donation of Lunch Account Balance form and send into the Food Service Department.  The form can be found in the documents on this page.  

Last Day Checks Accepted: Checks,Cash & Money Orders will continue to be accepted in the cafeteria. Last day for checks is May 13, 2022

School Closings: School closings due to inclement weather cause a change in the lunch menu. Please note that the day of return after a snow day, the snow day’s menu will be used. If we have school closed for successive days because of bad weather, the lunch menu on the returning day will still be that of the first snow day. The following day the school lunch menu will return to the printed menu.


School closed School Reopens Menu used on
1st day back
Menu on
2nd day
Jan 17 Jan 18 Jan 17 Jan 19
Jan 27, 28 Jan 29 Jan 27 Jan 30

If you have any questions please call your school's cafeteria manager.


Schools and Managers

Lunches for the following Elementary Schools are transported out of
  • Cherrington
  • Hawthorne
  • Huber Ridge
  • Longfellow
  • Pointview
  • Whittier
  • Wilder
  • Annehurst
  • Alcott
  • Emerson
  • Fouse
  • Hanby
  • Mark Twain
  • McVay
  • Robert Frost

If your child goes to one of these schools and you need to know information over the summer or during school closings call 614-797-5993. During the school when school is open you can call the following:

Central Satellite Ginger Parsons 797-6840
South Satellite       Charlie Gaston 797-6054
Central High School Theresa Bocook 797-6841
North High School Charlotte Richardson 797-6229
South High School Holly Hughes Carrol 797-6070
Blendon Middle School Robin Oxley 797-6415
Genoa Middle School Tracy Pullie 797-6519
Heritage Middle School Rhonda Fastenau 797-6616
Walnut Springs Middle School Denise Mark 797-6717




*** “This institution is an equal opportunity provider.”