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Students from 11 different schools earned the top spots in Westerville City School District’s 15th Annual LEGO Competition, which remained virtual this year. The competition is open to elementary and middle school students from Westerville City Schools and St. Paul School. Competitors can build anything they want, as long as they design it themselves; No pre-packaged LEGO sets are permitted to be built.

Westerville North Academic Boosters (WNAB) sponsors the event, with proceeds benefiting the organization. Charles Schwab - Westerville Branch, Shirck Orthodontics and Meijer sponsored this year’s event. WNAB raised enough money to fund nearly three $500 scholarships for graduating Westerville North students. WNAB partnered with the Ohio LEGO User Group (OhioLUG) to provide a virtual event that enabled students to build their design and receive free online feedback from members of the OhioLUG midway through the event.

The grade-level winners are listed below, with First Place corresponding to the selection by OhioLUG and Second Place corresponding to the People's Choice selection by the students (note that there was a tie in 5th grade, so there are two Second Place awards).   Winners marked with an asterisk were winners in 2020, too!

Winners for this year’s LEGO contest are:


  • 1st Place: Nathan Arner - The Garden (Mark Twain) 

  • 2nd Place: Carl Smith - The Home of Science (Longfellow) 

First Grade 

  • 1st Place: Avni Frank - House with Rooftop Pool (Fouse) 

  • 2nd Place: Gavin Dwyer - The Pirate Secret Hideout (Mark Twain) 

Second Grade 

  • 1st Place: Caleb Arner - Alien Conservatory (Mark Twain) 

  • 2nd Place: Emma Ghitescu - Lucky Pikachu (Hanby) 

Third Grade 

  • 1st Place: Kiera Zwierschke - Hotel Amusement Park (Hanby)

  • 2nd Place: Eli Nichols - Football Field Under Construction (Annehurst) 

Fourth Grade 

  • 1st Place: Nyla Sheets - Alien Invasion (Emerson) 

  • 2nd Place: Chase Ward - Cruise Ship (Fouse) 

Fifth Grade 

  • 1st Place: Marlo Righetti - Amber Family's House (Hawthorne) 

  • 2nd Place (tied): Connor Martin - The Secret of Eiffel Tower (Alcott) 

  • 2nd Place (tied): Evangeline Lamm - The Drive-In Fiesta (Pointview) 

Middle School 

  • 1st Place: Jeremy Klapp - Ruin Discovery (St. Paul) 

  • 2nd Place: Kevin Morris - Four Climates House (Genoa) 

Jareth Greene Award/OhioLUG Judge's Choice 

  • Drew Hallahan - Rain Forest and Rock (Whittier)


lego 1


lego 2


It is expected that participants and families will operate with integrity and truly let this be a student-only build.  Let their successes be their own!!!


WCS Virtual LEGO Competition Rules

  1. The event begins on March 1, 2021.

  2. Open to Westerville City Schools, including WVA, and St. Paul students in grades K-8. $10 entry fee.

  3. All participants use their own LEGO materials. No limit on quantity, color or type.

  4. Participants may build whatever they wish at home, as long as the builds are their own (i.e., no parental help, no directions, no pre-packaged LEGO sets).

  5. LEGO has a long policy of not creating modern war-like toys and gore therefore, participants need to avoid embedding this into their build.

  6. Participants wishing feedback from OhioLUG will submit up to 5 photos of their build to by March 20, 2021, at 11:59 pm. This site is maintained by OhioLUG, and no identifying information will be collected (including email addresses).  The only information needed is Grade Level, Name of Build, and Description of what feedback is requested. No people should be pictured in the photos.

  7. OhioLUG members will create one video per grade level in which they provide short feedback (~1 minute) on each submitted build. These videos will be provided back to WNAB by March 31.

  8. WNAB will distribute the video links to all participants as soon as we receive them.

  9. Participants have until April 10, 2020, at 11:59 pm to submit photo(s) of their final build (Google website to be provided later).  No people should be pictured in the photos. However, a notecard (or any other method) containing the participant’s registration ID (provided above) must be included in each photo.

  10. WNAB will assemble the photos (excluding names, email addresses, etc.) into a Google Photos (or similar) page – one page per grade level.

  11. WNAB will send the links to the photo pages to OhioLUG for final judging.

  12. WNAB will distribute the links to the photo pages (along with accompanying Google Form for voting) to all participants.

  13. Participants have until April 24, 2021, at 11:59 pm to submit their votes.

  14. Winners will be announced as soon as voting is tabulated.


View the OhioLUG feedback from 2020 below!

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