Cats with Class March 8, 2017

Cats with Class March 8, 2017


Spring 2017 Cats with Class  

Forty students at Westerville South High School were recognized as “Cats with Class” at a breakfast and ceremony held bright and early on Wednesday morning, March 8.  “Cats with Class” honors pupils who have demonstrated acts of kindness, good school citizenship, or service, which help make South a wonderful place for learning and teaching.  It is jointly sponsored by Westerville South High School and the Westerville South Academic Boosters.  The students were joined by their family members, along with teachers and staff who nominated them for this prestigious honor.

Chairperson Lori Jung welcomed the attendees, who were praised by Principal Michael Starner.  Keynote speaker was Monica Davis (Class of 2009), who was introduced by Vocal Music Director Linda Nolan as an administrative assistant with an “infectious smile,” and a passion for music and outreach programs.  Davis shared her thoughts about what it means to be a Cat with Class, reflecting on what each letter might represent – C (courageous), A (ambitious), T (tactful), S (special) and C (compassion), L (leadership), A (aptitude), S (strength) and S (stature). 

Closing remarks were made by student Madison Richard.  Faculty coordinator Mary Fuchs and secretary Beverly Davis were thanked for their efforts in assisting with the program.


Student                                                        Nominating Staff Member

Gift Akora                                                    Mike Hinze
Bethani Blake                                            Andrea Gaul
Connor Brown                                          Jenny Freshly / David Mangan
Phillip Chapman                                       Jason Rowsey
Madison Cox                                              Gena Moore
Michael Dailey                                          Lauren Sefton
Gunner Dill                                                 Linda Mapes
Andrew Doolittle                                    Jimmy Gaul
Taylor Edington                                        Devyn Dues / Kassie Sliney
Abigail Ellsworth                                      Buck Weaver
Gabrielle Freshly                                     Julie Wilson
Trent Harris                                                Eric Calland
Tayon Howard                                           Blair Gabalis
Lanshay Huff                                              Candi Hall / Dave Boldware
Jenna Johnston                                        Michael Starner
Corey Knutson                                          Erin Campbell
Jacob Kotik                                                 Cassie Coggburn
India Melson                                              Jeff Madama
Claire Miller                                               Jen Baker
Abdulahi Mohamoud                            Diane Smith
Marteana Newton                                  Erin Focht
Consolata Ngugi                                      Irene Hedges
Christian Nkansah-Wiafe                   Cassie Coggburn
Jordan Orr                                                  Shannon Clegg
Thanh Pham                                               Elizabeth Eddy
Maslyn Phillips                                         Lori Peters
Ciara Powell                                               Lisa Smith
Enrique Quimba                                       Janet Pritchard
Colton Rice                                                 Kelly Modlich
Madison Richard                                      Laurie Marburger / Dave Schultz
Bradley Robbins                                       Caitlin Bultema
Madison Schroeder                                Shannon Clegg
Avantaea Siefke                                        Sarah Detrick
David Thomas                                            Ashley Reamsnyder
Kay'Shawn Towns                                    Noelle Spriestersbach
Cameron Voigt                                          Stephen Quelette
Samuel Watts                                            Kassie Sliney / Devyn Dues
Abigail Willis                                              Kathryn Feucht
Arien Wooden                                           Mary Fuchs
Shannon Wright                                       Geogia Peet