Kroger Community Rewards

As a non-profit organization, we are always looking for ways to help fund our operations without putting a large burden on the people we serve and without increasing our administrative costs.  We have taken advantage of anopportunity toparticipate in a program offered by Kroger and it's FREE.  Kroger Rewards allows the WSHSAcademic Boosters to raise funds to meet our organization's goals quickly and easily.

Register your Kroger Plus Card on line at  The Account number/code for WSHS Academic Boosters is: #80097.  You will still receive Plus points toward gas savings and discounts when using your Kroger card, but now an added feature of the Plus Card is the ability to reward a charity of your choosing. The sooner you join, the sooner we'll begin receiving rewards!  PLEASE APPLY TODAY!  THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

You MUST re-enroll each year at the beginning of April to continue supporting the WSHS Academic Boosters.  An email reminder will be sent to registered members of the WSHS Academic Boosters at that time.