Cats with Class November 18, 2015

Cats with Class November 18, 2016

Fall 2015 Cats with Class

Thirty-six students at Westerville South High School were recognized as “Cats with Class” at a breakfast and ceremony held bright and early on Wednesday morning, November 18, 2015.  “Cats with Class” honors pupils who have demonstrated acts of kindness, good school citizenship, or service, which help make South a wonderful place for learning and teaching.  It is jointly sponsored by Westerville South High School and the Westerville South Academic Boosters.  The students were joined by their family members, along with teachers and staff who nominated them for this prestigious honor.

Chairperson Linda Ferguson welcomed the attendees, who were praised by Principal, Steve Andersson.  Keynote speaker was Sara Gaul, who graduated from South in 2004 and was once named a Cat with Class herself.  Gaul, a public relations specialist for Victoria's Secret Inc., said the biggest lesson she learned at Westerville South was to embrace diversity.  She advised the current pupils to treat everyone with respect and kindness.  She also said it is important not to behave with a sense of entitlement.  Despite her many family connections, Gaul said, "Everyone here held me accountable.  You must be willing to work hard to get to where you want to be."

Closing remarks were made by student Lauren Boozer.  Faculty coordinator Mary Fuchs and secretary Beverly Davis were thanked for their efforts in assisting with the program.