Teacher Grants


The Walnut Springs Middle School PTSA is a school-support organization that is held accountable to the parents and the community for the responsible expenditure of their money. Grant money is provided to teachers based on the following guidelines:

A formal and complete request to the PTSA board must include how the money will be used and how it will directly benefit students.

Grant Request deadline: October 31 of the current school year. All requests must be submitted by noon on this date to be considered. An additional deadline may be established if funds remain available. CLICK HERE for an application.

Grant recipients are limited to receiving up to $750 on a rolling 12-month basis. This allows for more than one grant to be awarded to the same teacher in that time frame provided the total does not exceed the limit. Monies are for use during the current academic year.

Teachers are required to submit a follow-up report not more than 6 months after the purchase of items for that grant. Failure to submit the report will result in the teacher being ineligible to receive another grant for 24 months.

Requests are reviewed by the PTSA Grant Committee and are forwarded to the Walnut Springs Middle School PTSA for final approval.

What are appropriate uses of PTSA funds?

1.Funds should benefit the students of the school.

2.Funds should be used to promote student-oriented programs and further education that benefits the health, safety, education and welfare of students.

3.Approved uses of funds should follow the mission and purposes of the PTSA.

4.When purchasing items for the school, the funds must be spent according to an approved budget, and the grant recipient must provide a purchase order, invoice or receipt.

5.It is the fiscal responsibility of the school system or district to provide for the curriculum and infrastructure needs of the students.

6.PTSA funds should never be used to provide curriculum materials, only support or enrichment items. PTSA grants cannot be used to pay for rewards such as pizza parties or other consumables. Please request funds for these types of rewards from the Principal’s Fund.